partner2In general, with relationships often come some extra pounds as well. While this is definitely true, it’s also true that it’s often easier to lose weight if you are a couple, since you have someone who is more often than not willing to diet and workout together with you. This can make achieving great weight loss results much easier than if you would have to go through everything alone, so make sure you bring that up with your significant other.

Personally, i got involved with exercise and dieting when my wife suggested that we make it our New Year’s resolution to get back in shape we were when we first met. Both of us used to be quite athletic and outdoors, sports types – in fact, that’s the first thing that really brought us together. Neither her or me are really obese, but we could both benefit from being a few pounds lighter, and by eating a healthier and better balanced diet. This is really not the first time we made the decision to get back in shape, but in the past we would try it one at a time, so the decision never persisted long enough to produce real results. This time will be different though, because this time we’re in it together, so we have the benefit of our mutual support, as well as the practical advantage of always having a workout partner and eating the same meals.

I read somewhere, and it really makes sense if you think about it, that couples tend to gain weight, as well as lose it at the same time. This would also mean that if both people agree to start working out and eating better together, the decision has a better chance of persisting. On the other hand, as my experience has shown, if only one person in the relationship is dieting and working out, it can easily lead to contempt, jealousy and subconscious sabotage attempts by the other person, because they can see that their partner is making an effort to better themselves, while they are getting left behind – and no one wants that in a relationship. The conflict will probably never emerge at the surface, but the subconscious pressure will manifest itself in intangible ways, for as long as it takes the person who is dieting to give up his or hers goals.

TO avoid having to go through that kind of psychological struggle in your relationship, and to maximize your chances of succeeding in losing weight and being a healthier person, sit down with your partner and make a conscious decision to make this the year when you will help each other to become healthier.

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