It’s difficult to find a person who has never dreamt to shed at least a couple of pounds to become more attractive or fit in the favorite clothing. Also, there are millions of people who face a quite serious problem of overweight.

To solve the issue, it’s possible to use a wide spectrum of methods. Thus, one of the simplest ways to get rid of extra pounds is to use diet pills. But this is not the most effective option if you want to lose excessive weight and keep it off.
To get the most satisfactory results, you are strongly recommended to follow some well-working weight-loss tips.

Say No to Unhealthy Foods

Junk food belongs to the unhealthiest foods ever. It undoubtedly poses a threat to people’s health. The matter is that such food makes you nutrient starved because this is empty food.
Thus, junk food almost doesn’t include vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and micronutrients. Instead, this food is packed with carbs, fat, added sugars, salt, preservatives, additives, synthetic food dyes, and other artificial substances. All these unhealthy ingredients available in junk food contribute to the development of medical conditions and enormous weight gain fraught with severe obesity.
You should remember that the junk food addiction will sooner or later result in type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and dental cavities.
Also, junk food is filled with high amounts of oxycholesterol which is dangerous to the circulatory function. By damaging the cardiovascular system, oxycholesterol may provoke hypertension and even stroke. There is scientific evidence given by the Chinese scientists in 2009 which backs this fact.
The most awful consequence of excessive junk food consumption that lies in wait for you is cancer. This happens because unhealthy food contains too many cancer-causing chemicals.
Of course, it’s better to stop eating junk food at all. But if you can’t do this, you should eat at least as little unhealthy food as possible. Also, you should consume protein, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and slow carbs instead of harmful food. The best choice is to include more tuna, meat, salmon, turkey, nuts, chicken, oats, vegetables, and fruits to your nutrition plan.

Sleep Enough

People often don’t pay appropriate attention to the quality of their sleep. Thus, the US study gave evidence that about 30% of adults don’t sleep enough at night. And this is one of the reasons which don’t let people shed unwanted pounds and preserve the weight-loss results.

Too short night sleep provokes the increase in body weight and may even lead to the development of obesity. According to the plausible study results, the probability of obesity increases by 55% in adults and by 89% in children if they sleep too little.

Short sleep duration contributes to hunger pangs. The matter is that the sleep duration has a direct impact on the levels of hunger hormones such as ghrelin and leptin. If ghrelin levels elevate and leptin levels drop under the influence of short sleep, the feeling of hunger substantially grows. That’s why sleep-deprived people tend to eat much more food during the day than they in fact require.

Sleep deprivation may cause insulin resistance. As a result, the feeling of hunger will increase. And the majority of calories taken throughout the day will be used by your body in order to form fat deposits. This will promote the undesired weight gains. By the way, the body weight increase is not the only health threat. Thus, the development of type 2 diabetes is possible.

It’s very important not only make your sleep lasting enough, no less than 8 hours. It’s also crucial to improve your sleep pattern. To avoid the overweight problem, it’s strongly recommended to go to sleep at 10.00 p.m. Also, make sure that nothing disturbs your sleep at night.

Increase Water Consumption

The human body can’t exist without water. Notwithstanding this fact, the most people consume not enough water so that it can’t meet all the body’s needs.

Water deprivation makes people experiencing hunger pangs which cause the elevated calorie intake. In its turn, overeating results in the body weight increase.

You should take into account that different beverages including tea, coffee and/or soda can’t replace pure water. Beverages which contain high amounts of added sugar are overfilled empty calories. So, they are not able to quench your thirst. Instead, they contribute to the weight gain.

According to different studies, an ordinary person needs approximately 8 glasses of water daily to stay healthy and maintain a normal body weight. However, the daily water consumption may vary individually. The main thing you should take care of if you aspire to lose weight is the prevention of dehydration.


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