Proactol XS

Proactol XS is an innovative well-working supplement which comes to rescue of people who want to burn fat deposits and decrease body weight. The product is manufactured by the highly-recognized company Bauer Nutrition.
The manufacturer claims that this pill is a fully non-artificial, strong, and harmless dietary option able to prevent hunger pangs and excessive fat consumption.

So, according to the manufacturer, Proactol XS is an advanced diet pill. That’s why we decided to check whether the supplement is really as powerful during the weight loss process as the manufacturer promises.
Let’s consider the supplement efficacy.


There are the key active substances available in this product such as silica, Aspergillus Niger mycelium, Chitosan, and magnesium Stearate. It’s enough to take 6 pills per day, 2 pills per serving in order to regulate the hunger feeling, make your digestive processes carry on smoother, contribute to body weight reduction, and promote preservation of weight loss results. The product formula makes the supplementation trouble-free.
You can purchase the supplement on the official website of the manufacturer. Also, it can be bought through the official retailers. Don’t purchase the product from unknown suppliers.

The price for diet pills is quite affordable. Good customer feedback enables us to suppose that the supplement is truly effective.

Adverse Reactions

Evidence concerning adverse reactions caused by this diet pill is not available. But some active substances found in the product may provoke the emergence of mild adverse reactions, such as:
State of excitement

Mechanism of Action

Cactus Opuntia contains the fibers which can be digested in the human body. Some of these fibers are soluble, while others not. But both fibers have a wonderful ability to trigger the weight loss mechanisms in the body. Such effects are possible because the fibers prevent the body from fat absorption and regulate the hunger feeling.

Insoluble fibers are found in vegetables. They are not digestible in the gastro-intestinal tract. This kind of fiber is very important because it makes your bowels work properly and doesn’t let toxic waste stay in your body and poison it. As the name suggests, insoluble fibers freely leave the body after passing through the gastro-intestinal tract. That’s why this dietary supplement is considered an excellent fat binding product.

During the journey of fat through the bowels, the release of enzyme known under the name of Lipase occurs. The smaller intestines produce it. Lipase is responsible for the dissolution of fat which people consume. After this, the products of dissolution turn into glycerol and fatty acids. As a result, the body can start losing weight since glycerol and fatty acids can be digested and processed without problems.

This diet pill features a high safety of action. This supplement is absolutely harmless because the mechanism of its action targets the food you eat. On the contrary to the prescription anti-obesity medications which roughly disturb the hormonal balance in the body, this weight-loss product has no influence on the hormones. You should never use the mentioned strong medications unless your doctor considers their benefits overweigh their potential harm in your particular case.

As for the soluble fiber, it is processed into a viscous liquid which doesn’t allow the glucose absorption. Due to this, you can successfully control your hunger pangs and feel more satiated in a shorter period of time.

The Bottom Line

This dietary supplement is obviously helpful for each person aspiring to normalize the body weight. This product is a scientifically proven weight-loss remedy manufactured by the well-established company with a perfect reputation.

This trustworthy diet pill is comprised of non-artificial components of exclusively high quality. These top-notch natural ingredients are sure to safeguard your slenderness. The probability of any adverse reactions shrinks to zero.

However, you should realize that you will not get a slim body in the twinkling of an eye by simply taking the supplement. You will be much closer to the fulfillment of your aims if you complement the supplementation with a regular workout plan and a healthy nutrition.