lose-fat2To reduce body weight, you need to consume less calories than you burn, so by mixing both exercise regimen and a sensible diet you are really doing both at the same time. This will not only help you to accomplish your end goal, or in this case fat loss, but can also be a great way to control your weight and keep it at a level you are comfortable with later on. Some of the most challenging aspects of weight loss is not only losing the fat as most people think, but also keeping it off once you accomplish that, and buy utilizing a regimen of physical exercise combined with a healthy eating habits will definitely help you succeed in accomplishing that.

The weight loss, diet and nutrition market is very competitive, and there are a lot of diets available out there. Some are great, some so-so, and some jut plain don’t work, but the one thing that most efficient diets have in common is that they all fall in the “low carb” group. What does the term “low carb” even mean? Eating a low carb diet means that you are consuming your calories primarily from proteins and dietary fats, and that you are keeping your carbohydrates, especially simple carbs like starch and sugar as low as possible. This type of diet will definitely help you to lose some pounds quite quickly if you are diligent, but how can you speed up the process even more and make sure that you don’t put the pounds back once you are of your diet? That’s really where exercise is useful. The truth is that it’s often not enough just to lower your overall calorie intake, you need to up the calorie spending as well. One very efficient way to do this is by using a form of cardiovascular training called the HIIT (high intensity interval training). This type of training means that you are rotating short periods of high intensity training, like full on sprints on foot, treadmill or bicycle, with periods of relatively less intensive movement (moderately paced jog, for example). By doing three twenty minute high intensity interval trainings per week, you’ll not only be able to burn a lot of calories during the workout, but you’ll get to reap the benefits of the increased metabolic rate as well, meaning that your body will naturally burn more calories on it’s own. Diet pills can be useful too.

Also, another reason why workout is really essential if your goal is both to lose fat and to stay slim and fit is that exercise builds muscle, and having extra muscle in place of that unnecessary fat will make you burn more calories. Let me explain – muscle is a functional organ, unlike the fat deposits, which are really dead weight. And like any functional organ, muscles need calories to sustain themselves, so you burn calories both developing and sustaining muscle mass.


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