I work as a teacher and my school has stairs where it was getting difficult just walking the kids.

I look in the mirror and I can’t believe what BioLeanII has done for me, I’m really excited that i found the “secret” to my life-ling battle of weight loss.
I became serious about losing weight nearly a year ago when carrying excess pounds began infringing on her quality my life.
I had had some choking, I was having back problems and i was having just a lack of energy. My school has stairs and it was getting difficult just walking the kids to the gym and back.

Despite I’d tried to lose weight many times before and found myself back left down by other weight loss programs and supplements, i had to try again.I had no reservations concerning the BioLeanII, but I did have reservations on my ability to follow through on any program because I had not had any long term measure of success – ever. From an early age, i had tried other weight loss programs and products, but invariably found myself losing some weight but gaining back even more.

The key was my appetite. I would go along just fine, and just when people would begin to notice I’d lost some weight, the appetite just seemed to turn up, like my brain said ‘no more, you are done, we are done with this’. I knew if i could find a way to control my appetite, i’d find success. BioLeanII proved to be just the ticket. By the first week, I didn’t have the appetite that I’d had before. It just became a natural sequence of events. I began eating less, my craving for sweets literally vanished.

I must admit that i always kept a stash of candy bars in my office ”for the children” and personally consumed up to six a day, I’m proud to say that i no longer has a desire to reach in the drawer and indulge my sweet tooth.

Much of my success has been due to finding appetite satisfaction after eating a normal amount of food. I truly believe that weight management is partially what I’m eating, but the greater battle was in my head. Once that became under control, I just absolutely did not have those cravings and the weight just continued to come off. Today I’m 92 pounds lighter and feel much better. My personal goal is to maintain my current healthy weight. I know that this is, for the first time in my life, a totally attainable goal because of BioLeanII.

Additionally, i had noticed another positive effect on my weight loss success – i now have confidence in my appearance.

After years of trying to hide my body, I’m excited about my recent purchase of swim suits, and gearing up for a great summer where i will actually venture into the water.

I missed my recent 20-year reunion last summer because I didn’t want people to see me. I had been president of my class. It was a huge disappointment because people were contacting me, trying to get me to come and I just didn’t want to be seen at 240 pounds. Now I’m excited to see old friends and doe not feel the need to hide or make excuses to not attend events.


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