cave-diet2Most call it simply Paleo, but terms like Caveman diet, Stone Age diet and Hunter/Gatherer diet can also be heard. No matter what you call it, Paleo will alway mean the same thing, and in it’s essence it’s the return to older, more balanced eating habits. To put things quite plainly, eating Paleo means that you are trying to eat as similar as our ancestors who lived in the Stone Age did as possible.

The reason why there’s even a need for something radical such as the Paleo diet is that the way modern man is eating is fundamentally very wrong. Our diet is based on highly processed foods that have lost much of it’s nutritional value, but have an abundance of empty calories. No wander there are so many overweight and people with illnesses and medical conditions that are directly caused by bad eating habits. Really, whether you are buying into the Paleo diet philosophy or not, you can’t really deny that ancient humans were eating much healthier than we are today. For one, they didn’t have access to sugar and salt, which are reasons for both obesity and cardiovascular problems. Also, they didn’t eat dairy, grains, beans and potatoes and similar starchy foods – their staple food were lean meats, fresh fruit and green leafy vegetables, which is exactly what most modern nutritionists are suggesting that we base our meals on as much as possible.

Paleo approved foods, to use that term include meat, all kinds of fish, fruits, especially berries, green vegetables, some eggs and a variety of nuts and seeds. You can also stretch things a bit and include carrots and beetroot, since they are low in simple carbs and high in nutritional value, and theres also no reason to believe that our ancestors didn’t eat them. The important thing to keep in mind is that Paleo diet is more a set of guidelines and a way of thinking than a rigid, cast in stone diet plan. The main idea behind the Paleo diet though is that humans evolved to eat specific foods, quite similar in fact to the foods our ancient ancestors lived on, and that most nutrition related problems of modern man can be avoided by adhering to a similar diet.

You are probably wandering if theres any real benefit to eating this way. The answer is, probably yes. studies have shown that eating Paleo like diet can help lower the chances of developing medical conditions like high blood pressure, arithmia, hypertension and arthritis. It’s also proven, though empirically, that following a Paleo diet can help with weight loss and body recomposition. Also, since Paleo diet proponents advocate avoiding processed and junk foods as much as possible and eating only real, nutritional foods, often in their raw state, this is a pretty good way to avoid overeating on some of the worst foods like chips, fries and other snacks that are high in fats and low in protein and dietary fiber. You might like our rating of the best weight loss pills.


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