Either because you’re traveling, having a good time with your friends, or just not in the mood to cook, going to a restaurant is an easy option. That being said, eating out is the most common reason individuals ruin their diets and a situation where a weight loss pills like PhenQ can assist you.
It is typical for the majority of restaurants to have some low calorie options on their menu though you can’t always rely on this. The biggest temptation is to indulge in your favorite foods and to ignore the low cal options altogether. Naturally doing this often is a diet killing proposition but at least knowing you can depend on a slimming pill like PhenQ that will eliminate 287 extra calories, you are better armed to confront these moments of weakness.
PhenQ users should be guarded about depending on it in this way. Assuming they can have fast food every day while still expecting to shed pounds because they take PhenQ is an unrealistic expectation. Without a doubt PhenQ can help compensate for some mistakes but it isn’t a cure-all for persistent over-indulgence.
We now understand Capsiplex can assist us when our willpower fails but it would be helpful to define the menu items that should be avoided to remain healthy and lose fat if you have meals at a restaurant on a regular basis.
Top 3 food items you should avoid when eating out:
• any food that is fried
• any food that is high in starches
• all types of sodas, juices and other foods high in sugar (fresh fruit being the exception)
By avoiding these particular foods we eliminate the foods causing the most damage – starches, super refined sugars, processed vegetable oils and trans fats.
In useful terms this implies you should ignore the bread basket, steer clear of the fries which appear to be served with almost every meal, and stick to lower portions of rice and pasta that might also be served. Yet again, one cannot overestimate the benefit of taking PhenQ early in the day and right before a meal. PhenQ will help you at any stage of your weight loss cycle but its capacity to burn off an additional 287 calories is even more significant during those periodic instances of excess.
Consider ordering only meat and vegetable side-orders with maybe a salad. The majority of restaurants allow food substitutions which you can use to avert foods you want to avoid.
A terrific strategy for any situation when you simply can’t resist unsuitable foods and hope to restrict their negative impact on your diet is to schedule a high intensity weight training workout before your meal. This way your undesirable meal turns into your post-workout meal, one which requires to to ingest higher levels of carbohydrates to restore the glycogen that was depleted in your muscles while working out.
Worthy of mention is that the workout performed before taking your post workout meal should consist of resistance exercises that consume glycogen and not of the cardio variety.


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