The decision to choose PhenQ as your slimming pill is a smart one that should be reinforced by other wise decisions to achieve optimal results. Unfortunately, most people limit their efforts to finding the right fat burner but are wrong to believe that is all they need to do. PhenQ can act as the primary weapon in your battle to lose weight but other choices should also compliment your fat loss strategy instead of hindering it.

To get the most out of PhenQ, we will look at 3 frequent mistakes often made by dieters that should be avoided.

1. Spot Reduction: The Fat Loss Myth

The false myth of spot reduction fat loss is one that continues to persist. One wouldn’t expect PhenQ to selectively burn fat only on certain regions of the body and expecting that particular exercises might do this is just as unlikely. Our bodies simply don’t function that way. In an attempt to make this point even more evident: Can you recall ever seeing someone with toned abs but with flabby arms and thighs? I’m guessing that like me you have not.

You would be better advised to focus on overall fat loss and not about burning fat on a specific area of your body. Accomplish this by concentrating on your metabolism while taking PhenQ to ease and accelerate the process. As fat slowly disappears, your overall body will begin to appear more toned, not just one area. To be kept in mind, the majority of people have body parts that are less responsive than others. Though these areas can be stubborn and the last to improve, you should understand that this is quite normal but that in the end your persistence will be rewarded.

2. Long Duration Low to Moderate Cardio

Up to a few years ago there was a widespread belief that long duration but low intensity cardio was the best way to burn fat. Undeniably, running 45 miles a week will have a positive impact on one’s ability to lose weight (if they manage to control their carb cravings) but it is far from being the most effective. The ability to lose fat is greatly influenced by your capacity to raise your metabolic rate which is itself largely affected by exercise intensity. Extended sessions of low intensity cardio simply aren’t intense enough to influence your metabolic rate in a meaningful way so that results are slower to come.

More advisable would be to engage in lifting weights and approaching muscle failure (the point where it’s impossible to perform another rep). Your workouts will not only be shorter but your metabolism will be boosted to consume more calories not only during but also after your workouts. Taking PhenQ as recommended to assist you will lead to quicker gains for the same amount of effort.

3. Starving Yourself

It is important to recognize that lowering your caloric intake too drastically will starve your muscles and result in a diminished ability to lose weight. This effect is even more pronounced following intense exercise which leads to your muscles being converted to fuel if proper nutrition isn’t available.

Of the meal scheduling options offered below #2 is the best if you can work it into your schedule.

3 meals per day with 2 snacks
5 – 6 smaller meals with no snacks
I recommend taking your dose of diet pills in the morning so as to benefit from its ability to enhance fat loss throughout the entire day.


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