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Enhance your weight loss efforts by starting a weight loss plan with your partner

partner2In general, with relationships often come some extra pounds as well. While this is definitely true, it’s also true that it’s often easier to lose weight if you are a couple, since you have someone who is more often than not willing to diet and workout together with you. This can make achieving great weight loss results much easier than if you would have to go through everything alone, so make sure you bring that up with your significant other.

Personally, i got involved with exercise and dieting when my wife suggested that we make it our New Year’s resolution to get back in shape we were when we first met. Both of us used to be quite athletic and outdoors, sports types – in fact, that’s the first thing that really brought us together. Neither her or me are really obese, but we could both benefit from being a few pounds lighter, and by eating a healthier and better balanced diet. This is really not the first time we made the decision to get back in shape, but in the past we would try it one at a time, so the decision never persisted long enough to produce real results. This time will be different though, because this time we’re in it together, so we have the benefit of our mutual support, as well as the practical advantage of always having a workout partner and eating the same meals.

I read somewhere, and it really makes sense if you think about it, that couples tend to gain weight, as well as lose it at the same time. This would also mean that if both people agree to start working out and eating better together, the decision has a better chance of persisting. On the other hand, as my experience has shown, if only one person in the relationship is dieting and working out, it can easily lead to contempt, jealousy and subconscious sabotage attempts by the other person, because they can see that their partner is making an effort to better themselves, while they are getting left behind – and no one wants that in a relationship. The conflict will probably never emerge at the surface, but the subconscious pressure will manifest itself in intangible ways, for as long as it takes the person who is dieting to give up his or hers goals.

TO avoid having to go through that kind of psychological struggle in your relationship, and to maximize your chances of succeeding in losing weight and being a healthier person, sit down with your partner and make a conscious decision to make this the year when you will help each other to become healthier.

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Eat vegetarian to lose weight

vege-2Many people practice some variant of the vegetarian or even vegan diet, for various reasons. Some people will make an ethical and moral choice to stop eating meat of animals and any animal products because they object to the treatment that animals are exposed to. Other people will go on an animal free diet to reduce their risk of contracting illnesses that are linked with regular consumption of meat. Still, one of the most easily obtainable benefits of a vegetarian diet is the possibility of weight loss, and more and more people decide to try a vegetarian diet in order to lose some weight.

It’s in fact pretty easy to slim down if you eliminate meat and other animal products from your diet. What’s more, vegetarian diet will also make it possible for you to keep the slim line you obtain indefinitely. Most studies show that people who lose weight via a vegetarian diet tend to keep their new weight at approximately the same level for an average of seven years longer than dose who loss their weight via a more common diet that includes animal products.

By removing all meat from your daily diet, you open the possibility of really spicing things up in your kitchen with new colors and flavors. Instead of the dull, brown veal, fish and poultry products, your plates will now feature a myriad of colors. And what’s even more important is that all those pretty colors are also the sign that your food is full of nutritious and healthy photo-chemicals that will really boost your immunity to illness and disease. As long as you stay on this diet rich in various photo-chemicals you can enjoy the benefits of the supercharged immune system that will keep those diseases and illnesses at bay. Read about the best diet pills.

Just think of all the chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics that get fed to the animals and mixed into products that are made of their meat – this thought alone should be enough to make you seriously consider becoming vegetarian. All farmed animals, including chickens, pigs and cows are fed steroids to help them grow, and fish can be full of various heavy metals like mercury and lead. Just termical treatment, like cooking, baking or frying fish or poultry will not remove those toxic chemicals from your food. The best way to ensure that you stay poison free and healthy is to avoid eating meat and base your nutrition on a vegetarian diet.

It’s also proven without a doubt by numerous different research that vegetarian diet can not only help you lose weight, but also make your bones and teeth much stronger than a conventional diet that includes loads of animal products. When most people get into their sixties, they suffer from atherosclerosis and various other bone and joint problems, but the statistic clearly show that the percentage of vegetarians who develop problems such as these is by 80% less than in the general population.

How to lose fat as fast as possible

lose-fat2To reduce body weight, you need to consume less calories than you burn, so by mixing both exercise regimen and a sensible diet you are really doing both at the same time. This will not only help you to accomplish your end goal, or in this case fat loss, but can also be a great way to control your weight and keep it at a level you are comfortable with later on. Some of the most challenging aspects of weight loss is not only losing the fat as most people think, but also keeping it off once you accomplish that, and buy utilizing a regimen of physical exercise combined with a healthy eating habits will definitely help you succeed in accomplishing that.

The weight loss, diet and nutrition market is very competitive, and there are a lot of diets available out there. Some are great, some so-so, and some jut plain don’t work, but the one thing that most efficient diets have in common is that they all fall in the “low carb” group. What does the term “low carb” even mean? Eating a low carb diet means that you are consuming your calories primarily from proteins and dietary fats, and that you are keeping your carbohydrates, especially simple carbs like starch and sugar as low as possible. This type of diet will definitely help you to lose some pounds quite quickly if you are diligent, but how can you speed up the process even more and make sure that you don’t put the pounds back once you are of your diet? That’s really where exercise is useful. The truth is that it’s often not enough just to lower your overall calorie intake, you need to up the calorie spending as well. One very efficient way to do this is by using a form of cardiovascular training called the HIIT (high intensity interval training). This type of training means that you are rotating short periods of high intensity training, like full on sprints on foot, treadmill or bicycle, with periods of relatively less intensive movement (moderately paced jog, for example). By doing three twenty minute high intensity interval trainings per week, you’ll not only be able to burn a lot of calories during the workout, but you’ll get to reap the benefits of the increased metabolic rate as well, meaning that your body will naturally burn more calories on it’s own. Diet pills can be useful too.

Also, another reason why workout is really essential if your goal is both to lose fat and to stay slim and fit is that exercise builds muscle, and having extra muscle in place of that unnecessary fat will make you burn more calories. Let me explain – muscle is a functional organ, unlike the fat deposits, which are really dead weight. And like any functional organ, muscles need calories to sustain themselves, so you burn calories both developing and sustaining muscle mass.

Benefits of the Caveman diet

cave-diet2Most call it simply Paleo, but terms like Caveman diet, Stone Age diet and Hunter/Gatherer diet can also be heard. No matter what you call it, Paleo will alway mean the same thing, and in it’s essence it’s the return to older, more balanced eating habits. To put things quite plainly, eating Paleo means that you are trying to eat as similar as our ancestors who lived in the Stone Age did as possible.

The reason why there’s even a need for something radical such as the Paleo diet is that the way modern man is eating is fundamentally very wrong. Our diet is based on highly processed foods that have lost much of it’s nutritional value, but have an abundance of empty calories. No wander there are so many overweight and people with illnesses and medical conditions that are directly caused by bad eating habits. Really, whether you are buying into the Paleo diet philosophy or not, you can’t really deny that ancient humans were eating much healthier than we are today. For one, they didn’t have access to sugar and salt, which are reasons for both obesity and cardiovascular problems. Also, they didn’t eat dairy, grains, beans and potatoes and similar starchy foods – their staple food were lean meats, fresh fruit and green leafy vegetables, which is exactly what most modern nutritionists are suggesting that we base our meals on as much as possible.

Paleo approved foods, to use that term include meat, all kinds of fish, fruits, especially berries, green vegetables, some eggs and a variety of nuts and seeds. You can also stretch things a bit and include carrots and beetroot, since they are low in simple carbs and high in nutritional value, and theres also no reason to believe that our ancestors didn’t eat them. The important thing to keep in mind is that Paleo diet is more a set of guidelines and a way of thinking than a rigid, cast in stone diet plan. The main idea behind the Paleo diet though is that humans evolved to eat specific foods, quite similar in fact to the foods our ancient ancestors lived on, and that most nutrition related problems of modern man can be avoided by adhering to a similar diet.

You are probably wandering if theres any real benefit to eating this way. The answer is, probably yes. studies have shown that eating Paleo like diet can help lower the chances of developing medical conditions like high blood pressure, arithmia, hypertension and arthritis. It’s also proven, though empirically, that following a Paleo diet can help with weight loss and body recomposition. Also, since Paleo diet proponents advocate avoiding processed and junk foods as much as possible and eating only real, nutritional foods, often in their raw state, this is a pretty good way to avoid overeating on some of the worst foods like chips, fries and other snacks that are high in fats and low in protein and dietary fiber. You might like our rating of the best weight loss pills.

Thousand calorie a day reduced calorie intake diet

cal2There’s really no way around it, to lose weight you will have to lower your daily calorie consumption below your daily requirements – in other words, you need to create a “calorie deficit” to promote fat burning processes that naturally happen in your body. At the same time, you can’t afford to push the calorie restriction too far, since doing that might slow down your metabolism significantly and lead to many unwanted health complications.

A lot of diet plans that are available on-line or through books and magazines are based on a reduced calorie intake principle. You can even make a point that all diets that can actually produce results are at their core in fact calorie restriction diets. A thousand calories a day plan is one of the most severe calorie restriction plans. Eating only a thousand calories per day is really only suitable for women, since they tend to need less calories anyway, and those that are older or just have a very sedentary lifestyle, meaning that they don’t really spend much energy throughout their regular day. You also should never attempt to stay on a thousand calories a day for more than a week at a time. Also, since this diet requires you to eat so few calories it can put a lot of strain on your body, so make sure that you consult your doctor before starting with it. 

When done properly though, a 1000 calories a day diet can be very safe. Doctors have even been known to recommend it to patients who have serious problems with obesity in order to help them to lose a lot of weight fast, or as a way to lose some body fat in preparation for a surgery. And another really important thing to keep in mind – you should drink as much water as you can to keep you hydrated and feeling full when you follow this specific diet plan.

The United States Doctor’s Association recommends a certain set of guidelines for dieters who plan to follow a thousand calories per day diet, to make sure that necessary amounts of nutritionists are still being consumed. The recommended amount of food equals three ounces of grains, two ounces of lean meat, legumes or beans, two cups of low fat milk or equivalent amount of non fat dairy products, one tablespoon of oil and one large cup of mixed fruits or vegetables. There’s also some wiggle room to keep things fresh, provided by a buffer of some 160 calories worth of any foods that you like. On top of this, make sure that you are drinking at least three to four pints of water a day – if you can manage more, even better. You can also enjoy sugar free beverages as well, just don’t overdo it with artificial sweeteners and aromas. You can also order diet pills.